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  • Public Finance Training for Journalists and Civil Society Organizations - 2023 (Presentation) 

    Sureni, Weerathunga; Siyama, Ansar (2023)
    Verité Research conducted a series of public finance training sessions specifically designed for journalists and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). The objectives of the training were to improve journalists' and CSOs' ...
  • Gender-based Budgeting for 2024: More Tokenism or True Commitment? 

    de Silva, Venya; Kemps, Portia (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-12-07)
    With the committee stage debates on Budget 2024 still ongoing, our interest has been piqued by a term that has gained relatively little attention since it was mentioned in the Budget Speech presented on 13 November 2023: ...
  • Zoned Out: Export Ambitions Hindered by Land Limitations 

    Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Arangala, Mathisha (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-10-12)
    The experiences of East Asian and Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand, show that foreign direct investment (FDI) into export-oriented sectors is critical to accelerate growth in manufactured ...
  • The Troubling Lack of Compliance by Public Authorities With RTI Act 

    Weerasooriya, Nishana; Talayaratne, Shannon (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-09-28)
    Today (28 September) marks the international day for universal access to information. This year’s theme is ‘the importance of the online space for access to information'. Public access to information is an essential element ...
  • Schrodinger’s Banks: The Immediate Need for Policies to Ensure Financial Stability 

    Peiris, Udara (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-09-14)
    Sri Lanka is entering into a new, dangerous phase in its economic recovery. Although macroeconomic stabilisation has made progress, financial stabilisation needs immediate attention. The combination of covid-era loans and ...

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