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    • Analysis of Sri Lanka's improved position in the 'Doing Business Index' 2012 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verité Research, 2011-11-01)
      The World Bank’s ‘Doing Business Index’ measures the ease with which domestic small and medium sized enterprises can do business in their home countries. Between 2011 and 2012, Sri Lanka’s rank in the Doing Business Index ...
    • Special Report – Budget 2012 

      de Mel, Nishan (Colombo: Verité Research, 2011-12-30)
      The report summarises Sri Lanka’s macroeconomic environment, analysing the 2012 budget and providing a comparative study of government expenditure. It finds that the focus of government expenditure has shifted from funding ...
    • Employees Provident Fund (EPF): Special Report 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verité Research, 2012-03-28)
      This brief discusses the performance of the Employees' Provident Fund's (EPF) equity investments in the period 2009–2010 in comparison to risk-free government securities, the All Share Price Index (ASPI) and equity ...
    • Power Cuts in Sri Lanka 2012: A Critical Review 

      Research Bulletin; Vol. 02, No. 03
      de Mel, Nishan; Nathaniel, Vidya
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2012-08)
      This report analyses the explanations provided by the government in announcements regarding scheduled power cuts in 2012. The standard explanations for power cuts were: (i) Unexpectedly high growth in demand; (ii) Shortage ...
    • Sri Lanka Budget 2013: Increasing Assistance, and Vulnerability 

      Economic series; December 2012
      de Mel, Nishan; Ratnayake, Jayani; Nathaniel, Vidya
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2012-12)
      This report presents an analysis of the contradictory nature of the Budget 2013 through increased assistance to the poor, while at the same time increasing their vulnerability. The analysis of Budget 2013, rather than ...
    • Education Inequality and Affirmative Action: Towards a Better Estimation (Working Paper) 

      de Mel, Nishan; Kumarage, Aloka (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013-09)
      The education sector had witnessed an overall decline in terms of budgetary allocations, and was also subject to inequality in distribution of educational opportunities within the country. Education inequality has implications ...
    • Sri Lanka: International Trade - Performance and Prognosis 

      TMA Special Report;Vol. 1. No. 1
      Abeysinghe, Subhashini
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013-11)
      This brief analyses Sri Lanka's international trade with special reference to its trade deficit, apparel sector and tea exports. It also analyses and evaluates the policies and structural issues Sri Lanka's trade faces.
    • Sri Lanka: International Trade - Performance and Prognosis 

      TMA Special Report; Vol. 2, No. 1
      Abeysinghe, Subhashini
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2014-07)
      This brief provides a detailed analysis of  Sri Lanka's  trade performance during 2013 and the first quarter of 2014. The review highlights the external and internal drivers that shaped Sri Lanka's external trade developments. ...
    • A Technical Case for Affordability-Based Pricing of Cigarettes 

      Verité Research Working Paper;September 2014/01
      de Mel, Nishan; Fernando, Nilangika
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2014-09)
      By 2014, tax revenue from cigarettes accounted for over 4.9% of total government revenue. However, thus far, Sri Lanka’s tax adjustments have been ad hoc, and driven by political and bureaucratic discretion rather than a ...
    • Sri Lanka: Domestic Workers and Employers Survey 

      Decent Work for Domestic Workers: Report; No. 2
      Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Kumarage, Aloka
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2015-03)
      VR conducted a survey among domestic workers and employers of domestic workers in Sri Lanka during the period of March to June 2014 and analysed the findings in terms of domestic workers' working standards, wages and ...
    • Expanding Exports: Relevance of Export Finance 

      Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Fernando, Nilangika; Gnanasampanthen, Revathy; Hussain, Zeena (Colombo: Verité Research, 2015-09)
      This study examines the status of the export finance market in Sri Lanka and identifies the key limitations that prevent export finance from playing a proactive role in promoting exports. It reveals that the access, ...
    • Improving Trade with India: Mutual Recognition in Conformity Assessment 

      Nathaniel, Vidya; Munas, Hasna (Colombo: Verité Research, 2015-10)
      In the context of growing bilateral relations with India, this study by Verité Research examines the current status of Sri Lankan exports to India under the existing India–Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ISFTA). The study ...
    • E-Government Procurement: Enabling Business through Efficient Systems = ඉ-රාජ්‍ය ප‍්‍රසම්පාදනය:කාර්යක්‍ෂම පද්ධතීන් හරහා ව්‍යාපාර බලාත්මක කිරීම 

      Mohammed, Rehana (Colombo: Verité Research, 2017-01)
      Public procurement is a key instrument through which governments deliver important social and economic goods to citizens. Public procurement in Sri Lanka currently suffers from three main weaknesses. First, information ...
    • Sri Lanka's Domestic Barriers to Trade: Case Studies of Agricultural Exports 

      Munas, Hasna; Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Wickramage, Dinoo (Colombo: Verité Research, 2017-02)
      Trade barriers refer to factors beyond the exporter’s direct control that adversely affect the cost, quality, quantity, or timely delivery of products. Such barriers found at home are termed domestic barriers, while those ...
    • Sri Lanka’s Export Problem: Not Concentration, But Composition 

      Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Munas, Hasna (Colombo: Verité Research, 2017-08)
      Sri Lanka's exports are heavily concentrated in a few markets and a few products. The government's recognition of export diversification as an important policy strategy to revive exports indicates that both market and ...
    • State-Owned Enterprise Reforms in Sri Lanka: The Way Forward 

      Knight, Malathy; Guruge, Aneesha; Cham, Maria Rowena (Manila : Asian Development Bank Institute, 2017-10)
      The authors provide a comprehensive analysis of Sri Lanka’s extensive SOE sector. The sector has witnessed episodes of nationalization and privatization and has been subject to varied degrees of competition. Yet, despite ...
    • Logistics and Services in the Sri Lankan Economy 

      Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Abeyratne, Sirimal (Manila : Asian Development Bank Institute, 2017-10)
      Authors examine the growth, performance, and policy issues of the Sri Lankan service and logistics sectors. The government has clear priorities for these sectors, building on the country’s locational advantage. The policy ...
    • Private Sector Participation in Sri Lanka’s Tertiary Education: A review of information and data 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2017-11)
      This study presents a review of the topics relevant to the debate on private sector participation in tertiary education. These include: the structure of the tertiary education sector; the legislation underlying the ...
    • Sri Lanka-China FTA: Challenges and Opportunities - Insights from Analysing China’s Existing FTAs 

      TMA special report 2018
      Arangala, Mathisha Lovindu; Abeysinghe, Subhashini
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2018-04)
      Sri Lanka and China decided to enter into a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in August 2013 to further expand trade between the two countries. Technical negotiations, which officially commenced in September 2014, are still ...
    • EU (revision of) Minimum Residue Level: Potential Effects on Exporting MSMEs 

      Verité Research (Geneva: CUTS International, 2018-05)
      The note illustrates the views of, and challenges faced by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as monitoring organisations on the requirements of the Maximum Residue Level (MRL), for pesticide use, that exporters ...