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  • The Gender Pay Gap in Sri Lanka: A Statistical Review with Policy Implications 

    Verité Research; International Labour Organization (Colombo: ILO, 2024-04)
    This report provides the first in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of the gender pay gap in Sri Lanka with the intention to unveil not just the extent of the gender pay gap, but the nature of the gender pay gap ...
  • Improving Lankan Women’s Access to Economic Opportunities: The Business Case 

    Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Siyambalapitiya, Sumini (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-03-30)
    As we in Sri Lanka explore the pathways out of the current crisis, it is imperative that we acknowledge the mammoth contributions that women make to the economy, hidden and unpaid, and seriously consider how to improve ...
  • IMF Tracker Update: February 2024 

    Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2024-03)
    Sri Lanka verifiably failed to meet 33% of the commitments due by end-February 2024 in its International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme, according to the February update of Verité Research’s ‘IMF Tracker’. Many of these ...
  • Bloomberg Markets Predicts LKR's Possible Depreciation Against USD 

    Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-06-02)
    Bloomberg reported that the Sri Lankan rupee may deteriorate as a result of upcoming debt repayments. In March 2023 Verite Research took the view that greater volatility in exchange rates increases uncertainty and risk for ...
  • The IDC is Advocating for more Accountability from Private Lenders to Ease the Debt Burden of Developing Nations 

    Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-03-15)
    The International Development Committee is advocating for mandatory participation of private creditors in debt relief schemes for impoverished nations. Developing nations have accrued higher debts than before to private ...
  • Sri Lanka Has Set a Global Precedent in Domestic Debt Restructuring 

    Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-08-24)
    This infographic looks at other countries that have also gone through domestic debt restructuring (DDR) since 1998 and the ways they have gone about this. Sri Lanka is the first country to use social security funds while ...
  • IMF Programme Progress 

    Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-05-18)
    The infographic covers three points; 1) the IMF analysis projects a decline in Sri Lankas debt to GDP; 2) effective interests rates to decline; and 3) progress on IMF commitments.
  • Sri Lanka Missed Deadline to Create an Online Fiscal Transparency Platform 

    Econ Team (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-04-28)
    Sri Lanka misses the IMF deadline to create an online platform for fiscal transparency. However, some of the data is slated to be made public by the end of April.
  • China Endorses Sri Lanka Debt Plan 

    Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-03-09)
    China has given its approval to Sri Lanka's plan to restructure its international debt, clearing the path for a loan via the IMF's Extended Fund Facility (EFF).
  • Syndicated Surveys: Mood of the Nation - February 2024 (Round 07) 

    Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2024-03)
    Approval of government falls to 7% in February, latest Mood of the Nation Survey shows increase in negative outlook. The survey showed that only 9% rated the current economic conditions as either excellent or good, which ...
  • Is Sri Lanka Addicted to Missing Revenue Targets? 

    de Mel, Nishan (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-10-30)
    It is all too familiar that Sri Lanka has a problem in meeting its budgeted revenue targets. Recently, a government member of parliament (MP) who voted in favour of the budget last year, said that the tax increases that ...
  • "Sugar Scam” is Not the Whole Iceberg: “Forestalling” Needs a Rule-of-Law Solution 

    de Mel, Nishan (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-11-09)
    On 14 October 2020, taxes on imported sugar were slashed overnight from LKR 50 to LKR 25 cents per kilogram. That is a reduction of 99.5%. This led to much discussion in media and parliament about the large undue profits ...
  • Backwards in Blacklisting: Enabling Corruption in Procurement 

    Abeysinghe, Subhashini (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-11-23)
    Failure to tackle corruption is a key factor that contributed to the economic crisis the country is faced with today. Taking concrete steps to reduce corruption, therefore, is critical to recover from the current crisis ...
  • For Sri Lanka, a Governance-Linked Bond Might Just Be the Ticket 

    de Mel, Nishan (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-12-21)
    It is a truth universally acknowledged that if Sri Lanka under-performs on its governance corrections, it will underperform on its economic recovery also (with apologies to Jane Austen), the first provides the foundation ...
  • Restoring Economic Stability in Sri Lanka: An Overview of the IMF Extended Fund Facility 

    Peiris, Udara; Rajkulendran, Raj Prabu (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-04-13)
    On March 20, 2023, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Board approved Sri Lanka's 17th IMF programme, under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) arrangement, aimed at addressing the significant economic challenges faced by ...
  • Verite Research Debt Update - February 2023 

    Debt Update;Issue 01
    de Mel, Nishan; Peiris, Udara
    (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-02)
    This issue provides coverage and analysis on the financial assurance letters issued by China, India, The Paris Club and a group of private bond holders to the IMF on their commitment to support Sri Lanka’s debt restructuring ...
  • The Debt Digest - March 2023 

    de Mel, Nishan; Peiris, Udara (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-03-16)
    The Debt Digest by Verité Research provides analytical commentary on the latest developments in Sri Lanka’s debt crisis. A key milestone in Sri Lanka’s path to recovery was the staff-level agreement with the IMF in September ...
  • Sri Lanka Falls Behind Least Developed Countries in Trade Facilitation: Here are Three Steps it Can Take to Reverse This Trend 

    Background Note;No.05
    Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Arangala, Mathisha
    (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-07)
    This note compares progress made by Sri Lanka against its regional competitors, other developing and least developed countries in facilitating trade by making import and export procedures of the country efficient, less ...
  • The Alternatives to Universal Tax Registration in Sri Lanka 

    Background Note;No.04
    de Mel, Nishan; Moore, Mick
    (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-02)
    This note argues that the Sri Lankan government’s recent proposal to implement universal tax registration is neither a viable nor effective strategy to increase the country’s tax revenue. Instead, the note proposes four ...
  • The Desirability of Domestic Debt Restructuring 

    Background Note;No. 03
    Peiris, Udara
    (Colombo: Verite Research, 2022-10)
    Sri Lanka faces a challenge to emerge from the continuing economic crisis of unsustainable public debt. This paper sets out four important reasons to undertake an early domestic debt restructuring (DDR), by way of reprofiling ...

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