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    • 30% of IMF Programme Commitments Due in April Not Met 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      By the end of April 2024, Sri Lanka has not met 30% of its due commitments, which translates to a total of 19 unfulfilled obligations. The majority of these unmet commitments pertain to enhancing transparency and enacting ...
    • Accepting e-documents with e-signatures: A small step for government, a giant leap for the country 

      Perera, Buddhika; Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Esufally, Sabrina; Kapilan, Anushan (Colombo: Verité Research, 2017-02)
      The room for exporters to improve their competitiveness by reducing time to export is significantly constrained by the procedures and processing time imposed by Sri Lankan border agencies. Sri Lanka can improve the ...
    • Addressing the Gender Gap in Sri Lanka's budget 

      Raji, Yasmin; Samarasinha, Dharini (Colombo Verité Research, 2022-07)
      These infographics highlight the failure of the Sri Lankan government in implementing gender responsive budgeting in Sri Lanka. The case of gender KPIs provides a detailed case study of how poor planning of government ...
    • The Alternatives to Universal Tax Registration in Sri Lanka 

      Background Note;No.04
      de Mel, Nishan; Moore, Mick
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-02)
      This note argues that the Sri Lankan government’s recent proposal to implement universal tax registration is neither a viable nor effective strategy to increase the country’s tax revenue. Instead, the note proposes four ...
    • Amendments to the Appropriation Bill Increases Government Expenditure for 2022 

      Raj Prabu, Rajakulendran (Verité Research, 2022-08-04)
      The Amendment to the Appropriation Bill for 2022 was presented to Parliament ahead of the interim budget speech. The amended bill shows a 20% increase in expenditure to LKR 4,672 billion for the year 2022 which could widen ...
    • Analysis of Sri Lanka's improved position in the 'Doing Business Index' 2012 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verité Research, 2011-11-01)
      The World Bank’s ‘Doing Business Index’ measures the ease with which domestic small and medium sized enterprises can do business in their home countries. Between 2011 and 2012, Sri Lanka’s rank in the Doing Business Index ...
    • Another Export Target Destined to Be Missed? 

      Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Arangala, Mathisha (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-08-03)
      In a recent statement, Sri Lanka's Export Development Board (EDB) announced plans to secure USD 31.3 billion revenue from total exports (both goods and services) by 2027. The EDB expects to double goods export revenue from ...
    • Average Time Taken to Restructure Debt 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      A country resorts to debt restructuring when its public debt is unsustainable. Debt restructuring involves a substantive default on existing debt contracts. This can occur through an orderly or disorderly process. An orderly ...
    • Backwards in Blacklisting: Enabling Corruption in Procurement 

      Abeysinghe, Subhashini (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-11-23)
      Failure to tackle corruption is a key factor that contributed to the economic crisis the country is faced with today. Taking concrete steps to reduce corruption, therefore, is critical to recover from the current crisis ...
    • The Best Next Step for Improving Tax Collection 

      Siyambalapitiya, Sumini (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-07-21)
      In 2021, the country’s tax revenue as a share of gross domestic product (GDP)reached its lowest level since 1959 – dropping to just 8%. Increasing tax-to-GDP ratio is one of the most important measures of Sri Lanka’s ability ...
    • Bloomberg Markets Predicts LKR's Possible Depreciation Against USD 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-06-02)
      Bloomberg reported that the Sri Lankan rupee may deteriorate as a result of upcoming debt repayments. In March 2023 Verite Research took the view that greater volatility in exchange rates increases uncertainty and risk for ...
    • Budget Allocation Criteria Study 

      UNICEF Sri Lanka Working Paper;June 2023
      Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Senanayake, Charini; Haniffa, Hafsa; Ansar, Siyama
      (Colombo: United Nations Children's Fund, 2023-06-21)
      The Budget Allocation Criteria report aims to enhance the understanding of the criteria that determine the allocation of funds from the national budget to selected sectors and provinces in Sri Lanka. The report provides ...
    • Budget Brief: Cycle and Processes - Sri Lanka 2019 

      Sri Lanka Budget Briefs 2019;Cycle and processes
      UNICEF; Verité Research
      (Colombo: UNICEF, 2020-12)
      This brief on Sri Lanka’s Budget Cycle and Processes informs readers of the various stages, components, policies and procedures within Sri Lanka’s annual budget process. The brief aims to provide the general public and ...
    • Budget Brief: Education Sector - Sri Lanka 2019 

      Sri Lanka Budget Briefs 2019;Education
      UNICEF; Verité Research
      This brief, on Sri Lanka’s education sector budget and expenditure, informs readers of trends in spending on these services in recent years. The analysis includes underlying policy goals and the functional and regional ...
    • Budget Brief: Health Sector - Sri Lanka 2019 

      Sri Lanka Budget Briefs 2019;Health
      UNICEF; Verité Research
      (UNICEF, 2020-12)
      This brief, on Sri Lanka’s health sector budget and expenditure, informs readers of trends in spending on these services in recent years. This analysis includes the underlying policy goals and the functional and regional ...
    • Budget Brief: Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector - Sri Lanka 2019 

      Sri Lanka Budget Briefs 2019;WASH
      UNICEF; Verité Research
      (UNICEF, 2020-12)
      This brief, on Sri Lanka’s WASH sector budget and expenditure, informs readers of trends in spending on these services in recent years. The analysis includes underlying policy goals and the functional and regional distribution ...
    • Budget Promises: Beyond Parliament - 2020 End Year Assessment 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2021-10)
      Due to the absence of a budget speech in 2020, the public finance platform tracked 24 cabinet decisions—a combination of expenditure and regulatory policy decisions—made from January to June 2020. The decisions tracked ...
    • Calculating the Loss to the EPF From Proposed DDR 

      de Mel, Nishan (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-07-12)
      Justice and good decision-making flows in part, from the discipline of public reasoning. The belief in democracy is anchored in the hope of harnessing the power of reasoned decision making that is openly and dialogically ...
    • CBSL more Optimistic than the IMF 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-06-16)
      According to the Annual Report of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) published for the financial year 2022, projected real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth was higher than the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) ...
    • Challenges Faced by Sri Lankan e-Commerce Providers 

      Econ Team, Verité Research (Geneva: CUTS International, 2019-05)
      This Country Update Note illustrates the perceptions of e-commerce providers in Sri Lanka on the most pressing issues they face when undertaking cross-border trade. The objective is to understand specific barriers they ...