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    • Sources of Financing for Top 5 Ministries That Received the Highest Allocation in the 2022 Budget 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      Based on the 2022 approved Budget estimates in 2020, 87% of government expenditure was financed via domestic sources and 13% was financed via foreign sources. In 2021 91% of expenditure is estimated to be financed domestically ...
    • Relief Package: What it Entails and How Will it be Financed? 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      In response to rising living cost with inflation rate of 12.1%1 in December 2021, the cabinet of ministers approved a relief package amounting to LKR 229 billion on the 3rd of January 2022. The following infographic depicts ...
    • How much Does Sri Lanka Allocate for the Defense Sector ? 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2022-02-03)
      The allocation for the Ministry of Defense is significantly higher than the allocation for Ministry of Health over the years in Sri Lanka. Over the last two years allocation for Ministry Defense has been more than doubled. ...
    • Ownership of Sri Lanka’s Outstanding Foreign Debt in 2020 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2022-02-15)
      Sri Lanka owes approximately 40% of its total central government debt to foreign creditors in the form of bilateral debt, multilateral debt and financial markets. The infographic shows the distribution of ownership of the ...
    • Sri Lanka’s Short-Term Outflows Exceed Usable Reserves 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2022-02-15)
      Sri Lanka’s gross official reserves have been consistently declining since June 2019 and as of January 2022, usable foreign exchange reserves stand at USD 792 Mn, while the twelve-month outflows at end of 2021 stand at USD ...
    • Sri Lanka’s Imports Were 4% Higher in 2021 When Compared to 2019 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2022-03-03)
      Sri Lanka’s Imports have grown by 4%, (USD 700 Million) from 2019 to 2021. One of the main contributors for this growth is the increase in the Medical and Pharmaceuticals imports by 60% which amounts to USD 330 Million. ...
    • Is the Pandemic the Sole Cause for the Depletion in Sri Lanka’s Foreign Reserves? 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2022-03-10)
      Sri Lanka’s usable foreign reserves fell from USD 7,642 MN in 2019 to USD 1,579 MN by the end of 2021. When compared with Sri Lanka’s regional peers during the pandemic, the decline in its reserves appears to only have ...
    • Shrinking Tax Base Increases Tax Burden on Existing Taxpayers 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2022-03-30)
      The income tax per person is calculated as the total government revenue from income tax (including PAYE) divided by the total registered taxpayers for income tax which includes Individual Tax Payers and Employees paying ...
    • Sri Lanka Has The Highest Inflation Amongst South Asia Peers 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2022-04-26)
      Sri Lanka, amidst facing one of its worst economic crisis, is currently experiencing rapidly rising inflation. The inflation increased to 15.1% year-on-year in February 2022, a 13-year high. When compared against other ...
    • Verité Research Debt Update - December 2023 

      Debt Update;Issue 04
      de Mel, Nishan; Peiris, Udara
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-12-01)
      This issue provides coverage on Sri Lanka’s debt restructuring and progress on the IMF program. This issue also includes analysis on the 2024 Budget and the need for improved governance for sustainable economic recovery. ...
    • Verité Research Debt Update - May 2023 

      Debt Update;Issue 03
      de Mel, Nishan; Peiris, Udara
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-05-17)
      This issue provides coverage and analysis of the IMF Debt Sustainability Analysis (DSA) and Sri Lanka’s progress on the 100 commitments outlined in the IMF program. The key developments identified were; 1) The IMF Debt ...
    • Verité Research Debt Update - March 2023 

      Debt update;Issue 02
      de Mel, Nishan; Peiris, Udara
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-03-17)
      This issue provides coverage and analysis on the usability of the IMF financing and the volatility of the exchange rate. These are the key developments identified; 1) Sri Lanka is expected to reach board level agreement ...
    • Composition of Sri Lanka's Gross Official Reserves 

      Public Finance Infographics;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verite Research, 2022-04-05)
      The reported gross official reserves as of February 2022 stood at USD 2,311 MN, out of which 98% (USD 2,242 MN) consisted of short-term swaps maturing within 12 months. Whilst the quantity of reserves is important it is ...
    • The Gender Pay Gap in Sri Lanka: A Statistical Review with Policy Implications 

      Verité Research; International Labour Organization (Colombo: ILO, 2024-04)
      This report provides the first in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of the gender pay gap in Sri Lanka with the intention to unveil not just the extent of the gender pay gap, but the nature of the gender pay gap ...
    • Improving Lankan Women’s Access to Economic Opportunities: The Business Case 

      Abeysinghe, Subhashini; Siyambalapitiya, Sumini (Colombo: Daily Mirror, 2023-03-30)
      As we in Sri Lanka explore the pathways out of the current crisis, it is imperative that we acknowledge the mammoth contributions that women make to the economy, hidden and unpaid, and seriously consider how to improve ...
    • IMF Tracker Update: February 2024 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2024-03)
      Sri Lanka verifiably failed to meet 33% of the commitments due by end-February 2024 in its International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme, according to the February update of Verité Research’s ‘IMF Tracker’. Many of these ...
    • Bloomberg Markets Predicts LKR's Possible Depreciation Against USD 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-06-02)
      Bloomberg reported that the Sri Lankan rupee may deteriorate as a result of upcoming debt repayments. In March 2023 Verite Research took the view that greater volatility in exchange rates increases uncertainty and risk for ...
    • The IDC is Advocating for more Accountability from Private Lenders to Ease the Debt Burden of Developing Nations 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-03-15)
      The International Development Committee is advocating for mandatory participation of private creditors in debt relief schemes for impoverished nations. Developing nations have accrued higher debts than before to private ...
    • Sri Lanka Has Set a Global Precedent in Domestic Debt Restructuring 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-08-24)
      This infographic looks at other countries that have also gone through domestic debt restructuring (DDR) since 1998 and the ways they have gone about this. Sri Lanka is the first country to use social security funds while ...
    • IMF Programme Progress 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verite Research, 2023-05-18)
      The infographic covers three points; 1) the IMF analysis projects a decline in Sri Lankas debt to GDP; 2) effective interests rates to decline; and 3) progress on IMF commitments.