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    • Analysis of Sri Lanka's improved position in the 'Doing Business Index' 2012 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verité Research, 2011-11-01)
      The World Bank’s ‘Doing Business Index’ measures the ease with which domestic small and medium sized enterprises can do business in their home countries. Between 2011 and 2012, Sri Lanka’s rank in the Doing Business Index ...
    • Special Report – Budget 2012 

      de Mel, Nishan (Colombo: Verité Research, 2011-12-30)
      The report summarises Sri Lanka’s macroeconomic environment, analysing the 2012 budget and providing a comparative study of government expenditure. It finds that the focus of government expenditure has shifted from funding ...
    • Employees Provident Fund (EPF): Special Report 

      Econ Team (Colombo: Verité Research, 2012-03-28)
      This brief discusses the performance of the Employees' Provident Fund's (EPF) equity investments in the period 2009–2010 in comparison to risk-free government securities, the All Share Price Index (ASPI) and equity ...
    • Power Cuts in Sri Lanka 2012: A Critical Review 

      Research Bulletin;Vol. 02, No. 03
      de Mel, Nishan; Nathaniel, Vidya
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2012-08)
      This report analyses the explanations provided by the government in announcements regarding scheduled power cuts in 2012. The standard explanations for power cuts were: (i) Unexpectedly high growth in demand; (ii) Shortage ...
    • Sri Lanka Provincial Council Elections 2012 

      Research Bulletin;Vol. 02, No. 04
      de Mel, Nishan; Chaaminda, Sumith
      This report features a comprehensive analysis of the Provincial Council Elections held in September 2012, detailing the performance of major political parties, voting trends, and the emerging political landscape in post-war ...
    • Sri Lanka: LLRC Implementation Monitor - Statistical and Analytical Review No.1 

      de Mel, Nishan; Gunatilleke, Gehan
      (Verité Research, 2012-11)
      The foregoing analysis has resulted in several key findings that could contribute to ongoing efforts to implement the recommendations of the LLRC. These findings also reflect on how comprehensive and effective the NPA is, ...
    • Sri Lanka Budget 2013: Increasing Assistance, and Vulnerability 

      Economic series;December 2012
      de Mel, Nishan; Ratnayake, Jayani; Nathaniel, Vidya
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2012-12)
      This report presents an analysis of the contradictory nature of the Budget 2013 through increased assistance to the poor, while at the same time increasing their vulnerability. The analysis of Budget 2013, rather than ...
    • Provincial Council Elections 2014: A Political Analysis—Central, Northern and North Western Province 

      Chaaminda, Sumith; de Mel, Nishan (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013)
      Provincial Council elections were conducted in three of Sri Lanka’s nine provinces, the Central (CP), North-Western (NWP) and Northern Provinces (NP) in September 2013. These provinces, when combined together, account for ...
    • A Win-Win Solution for Management and Workers in the Tea industry 

      VR Insights;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013-03)
      Pareto Efficiency is an important concept in economics. It occurs when all win-win opportunities have been fully pursued. In societies as well as in organisations there are numerous opportunities to make changes that leave ...
    • The Tea Industry: A New Sustainability Approach 

      VR Insights;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013-06-09)
      What do unions do? In a landmark title by this name (1984), Harvard University economists Richard Freeman and James Medoff demonstrated that labour unions have two faces. One is confrontational and the other is cooperative. ...
    • The Economy is Growing, but Where are the Jobs? 

      Verité Insights;
      Verité Research
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013-06-26)
      The Sri Lankan economy is reported to have grown by 6.4 percent in 2012. This was less than what was hoped, but still a robust level of growth. In 2010 and 2011 growth was an extremely healthy 8 percent and 8.2 percent. ...
    • Justice in Slow Motion Corrodes Sri Lanka's Economy 

      Verité Insights;
      Econ Team
      The Insight discusses three aspects regarding the inherent lengthy delays in the Sri Lankan court system. First, delays in dispute resolution are costly—and not merely in legal fees, but in investments and initiatives ...
    • The post war growth bump has hit the ceiling 

      Verité Insights;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013-08)
      This article explores the question of whether Sri Lanka could expect higher sustained GDP growth post-war and concludes that the post-war bump-up is over for the time being. It suggests that the high growth is unsustainable ...
    • Education Inequality and Affirmative Action: Towards a Better Estimation (Working Paper) 

      de Mel, Nishan; Kumarage, Aloka (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013-09)
      The education sector had witnessed an overall decline in terms of budgetary allocations, and was also subject to inequality in distribution of educational opportunities within the country. Education inequality has implications ...
    • Can the Singapore Chinthanaya work for Sri Lanka? 

      Verité Insights;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013-10)
      Singapore is a classic example of an Asian country that avoided the middle-income trap, and it has often been sighted as a model for Sri Lanka. This article substantiates the claim that there is neither a theoretical nor ...
    • The Economics of Media Freedom: is Sri Lanka on a virtuous or vicious cycle? 

      Verité Insights;
      Econ Team
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013-10)
      This article explains the economic importance of media freedom by considering three reasons: i) indicative reasons; ii) instrumental reasons; and iii) integral reasons. Media freedom is indicatively important because it ...
    • Sri Lanka: International Trade - Performance and Prognosis 

      Report;Vol. 1. No. 1
      Abeysinghe, Subhashini
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013-11)
      This brief analyses Sri Lanka's international trade with special reference to its trade deficit, apparel sector and tea exports. It also analyses and evaluates the policies and structural issues Sri Lanka's trade faces.
    • ‘Cess’ – End the Deception and Build ‘Street Lights’ 

      Verité Insights;
      Verité Research
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2013-11-27)
      In Sri Lanka, ‘Cess’ is the name given to a special tax imposed on sales, where the revenue is earmarked for a specific fund with a particular economic purpose. This article discusses how the government has stymied export ...
    • Provincial Council Elections 2014: Reading into the margins - Western and Southern Provinces 

      Alphonsus, Daniel; Kumarage, Aloka (Colombo: Verité Research, 2014)
      Provincial Council elections were conducted in Sri Lanka’s Western and Southern provinces on 29 March 2014. This report analyses political party performance at these elections using historical, polling division, and ...
    • Sri Lanka’s Trade Liberalisation: What you see is NOT what you get 

      Verité Insights;
      Verité Research
      (Colombo: Verité Research, 2014-01-08)
      Sri Lanka’s 2014 Budget claims a continuous commitment by the government to maintain a liberal, consistent and simple trade regime. The budget speech puts it this way: “A four band tariff structure presently in place is ...